Please Pray for our Petty Officer Second Class,                   Lucas Worthington

This ph​oto was taken after his graduation from Navy Boot Camp-December 2016 at age 19.

Our extremely talented and three-time Illinois State Junior Champion Banjo player, Lucas, left home and family in October of 2016 to begin a new phase in his young life to serve the United States Navy.

As of summer 2018, he a Machinist Mate Third Class Petty Officer Qualified in Submarines-(A-Ganger) on the USSVirginia SSN774 Submarine.

He has always been good with his hands, building, taking things apart and putting them back together. He loved Legos as a child (actually, he still does... haha)....and always built amazing things!!

Of course, we all know what his hands can do on a banjo!!!

Studying Machining made perfect sense for this hard-working young man!!  


Our family continues on with our music ministry, but we miss Lucas all the time, and miss that melodious sound he made on his banjo!!

(Yes, one can miss hearing the sound of a banjo ringing through the house!)


Now that sound has echoed through the ocean floor as Lucas's Captain allowed his banjo on board on the last 6 month tour! Lucas also teaches others the banjo and guitar while on deployment, too.


In the fall of 2017, Lucas's first 6 month tour took him to

Norway, Scotland and Spain.

While in Norway, he completed his

Qualifications and received his Dolphin pin!

He loves serving his country and we are very proud of him!


In March 2018 he got to come home on leave and he played banjo with George Portz and The Friends of Bluegrass on the stage at the

South-western Illinois College Campus in Belleville, Illinois.



Lucas received the

Blue Jacket Award

for the second quarter for 2018 for the

"Hardest Worker on the Ship" for that quarter! We are so proud of him!


In the spring of 2018,

he got Meritorously Advanced to E4 due to

his "can-do" attitude and driving and determined spirit. 


We are very proud of his Naval accomplishments!


In the spring of 2019, he passed his E5 Test Requirements and became a Navy Second Class Petty Officer!!


In November of 2019, Lucas completed the training to be a Navy Diver. He left for his second deployment in fall 2020 as a diver, crossing the International Date-line. Of course, he brought his banjo with him on that voyage, too!


His passion is, of course, the banjo and his prayer is to be able to play it while serving our country in whatever capacity the Lord allows.


Our Petty Officer is still playing banjo every chance he can get!

Our Petty Officer in June 2018 playing music with High Fidelity Bluegrass at the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival in Tunbridge, Vermont-USA

Lucas is stationed in Maine-USA. He misses playing the banjo with his family terribly, but has followed the call to serve his country. If you would like to contact him via U.S. mail, please contact us and we will be happy to send you his address. Please remember him in prayer as he furthers his future in the United States Navy.

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