Please Pray for our two United States Marine Corps sons! 

Our two sons, Matthew and Nathanael, have a burning desire to serve our country and have enlisted in the United States Marine Corps!  


Nathanael has enlisted full time and his chosen MOS is Avionics.

Matthew has enlisted in the reserves and his chosen MOS is Electronical Engineering Maintenance.


 Please check back periodically for updates on their status and any prayer requests. 

This decision was not an easy one for these two! Leaving the family band was a hard choice, but following the plan they feel is before them has given them peace. Please pray for these guys!!

Update on our new Marines!

Both have successfully completed their chosen MOS schooling and are in the fleet. Nathanael is stationed on the west coast and Matthew serves in the Reserves. Many prayers are appreciated for these two young men seeking the Lord to rule their lives.

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