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Isn't there just something super nice about being outside on a beautiful spring day planting a garden or flower seeds or just anything?

 I love to plant flower seeds in places I know I will forget so when they come up, I am like wow! There are flowers there!

 I mentioned in a later post that we planted garlic, onions, and potatoes! Well, I am now getting little sprouts of potatoes coming up and the garlic and onions are strong big and super healthy!

We also planted strawberries! And thanks to the help of my brother in-laws and my Dad we got two raised beds built to plant them in!

In the next week or so I will be making a new scare-crow to put up over our blackberries, raspberries and blueberries! The old one is pretty faded and needs to be retired! 

I think spring time is one of my favorite times of year because of all of the new life everywhere! The trees get new leaves, butterflies hatch and come out, the grass grows green and vibrant, I have two broody hens sitting on at least 8 eggs each! So hopefully I get new chicks! And it is planting season. So it is the time to plant a garden and flowers barefooted and feel the rich spring dirt beneath your feet! Ohhhh! Its the best! 

And with that I sign off! So I hope you have a great day! And happy planting!😁         

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Hello everybody! I do hope that you all had a good Resurrection Sunday I know I did! I got up at 5:30am and watched the sun rise, and then I made a fire in the burn pit and made coffee over it! Momma and my sisters came out a little after I did and Momma read from the Bible all the accounts in the New Testament of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to us as the sun came up! It was a very nice morning! Later in the afternoon my older sister, her husband and their two children came over and we all hung out the rest of the day! We had an egg hunt around the yard, ate a simply wonderful dinner and dessert, and enjoyed the day!I had my very first Peep... it was okay. It made me feel a little queasy!(but I would eat one again)😂 So I think that is all from me now! God bless you and have a great week👍😊  
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 Top of the day to you all!! Don't you just love reading? 

Well, reading is one of my favorite things to do! I like to read mostly about history! I  read these diaries written by real people, and they are called Dear America Diaries! I just finished reading one about a girl named Margaret Ann Brady who sailed on the great RMS Titanic that sunk by hitting an iceberg 110 years ago today on April 14, 1912! 

It was a very tragic event in history. 2,210 people were on the Titanic,1,504 died and 706 people survived.

 I am also reading George Washington's Rules of Civility, which are very good! It has a lot of useful things in it to help a person have good manners.

 I also read an autobiography by Davy Crockett which was VERY good!!

 Reading is the best! But it is so much better with a cup of tea or coffee!😄 I get up every morning about 5am and I read until about 6-6:30am. 

 I also love to listen to my Mom read! She has been reading out loud to us kids since I can remember! Currently, she is reading Where The Red Fern Grows aloud to us! 

It is pretty epic so far! I hope you all have a wonderful day!💗 Bye for now!!           

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 Good day to you all!!

 Today Mom and Dad went to the cancer hospital. I pray everything goes well😊 with that. It is a weekly deal, but he is hanging in there!

 I got our garden all tilled yesterday and with the help of my sisters we got potatoes, onions and garlic planted!

 Like I mentioned in the last post, I have two Great Pyrenees! A boy whos name is Shasta and a girl named Dixie. I have had Dixie for almost two years! She is so fun to play around with and is very fast! She beats me to the gate just about every time we race there! I have only had Shasta For about a month and a half and already he is leash trained he can sit, stay and  he is learning the word "NO"! He is very smart!! And he is only 4 months old. I love my dogs💗 

Above is Dixie!! And below is Shasta and me!😀 I couldn't ask for better dogs! Well I think that pretty much wraps thing up for now! God bless your day!!😄😊  

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Hey y'all! We used this blog to keep everyone updated on our Dad last summer and fall.  Then I figured why not use our blog to keep you updated on everything!😁 So here it goes. Hang on!! Daddy is home and trying to work part time at his job. He has developed GvHD of the liver and is on some pretty hefty medications; Some of which are causing a host of other problems...and they have medications to counter all of those.He and my mom make weekly all-day trips to the cancer hospital where he sees various doctors, gets tests and infusions and then comes back home. All in all, he still needs a great deal of prayer! Here at home, my dad and I actually went outside and fixed up the lawn mowers for the summer as well as tried our hand at building a raised garden bed for strawberries!! Once he could do it all in a day, but this will take many weeks before it gets done...but that is okay because I'm just happy he and I can do things together, no matter how slow!!!Mom is doing very well. She still makes the best bread this side of the Mississippi! She helps us with school and is such a great Mother!! I am a proud aunt of a new nephew! He was born in February. Two of my older brothers are getting married in the same week this coming April!! I am so happy to gain two new sisters-in-law as well!! One of my older sisters just had a birthday, is trying to finish high school this summer and is doing great! My younger sister is doing great as well! We just enjoy hanging out together most of the time and doing school! I am just fine! Loving life, enjoying the spring and getting things ready for garden planting!! I have two Great Pyrenees and they are my life! I don't know what I would do without Dixie and Shasta!! I also have a Quarter Horse mixed Appaloosa named Chex! He is great!! I love to live on our farm and feed all of the chickens and Matilda (my hog)!I think that pretty much covers everything for now! So I will sign off! God bless your day/week!Stay tuned for more!!😀        
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 Our dad still goes to see his doctor 2x weekly for labs and infusions, as needed. His Blood Pressure has been running high, so BP meds have been prescribed. They have upped the dose 3x already! 

He also has no appetite, has a feeling of fullness before he eats, causing him to lose weight.  All this and more are being monitored by his medical team. We are so thankful for their continued care!

We pray this update find you all well and settling into holiday festivities!

God Bless!

If you feel lead to donate to our family, please go to the first page of our website www.theworthing10s.com and click on the GFM link! Thank you so much!

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 Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been quite a ride that our family has been on since July 1, 2021. From Dad getting fungal pneumonia and a 23 day hospital stay in July and struggling to recover from that all summer, to his bone marrow transplant in October and all that entailed and then to getting an MSSA staph infection in November (and still recovering from that), it has been quite a ride! But, during all that time we also have a lot of praises! The Lord has been with us the entire time! We would like to take this moment to mention a few things that we are thankful for and for some wonderful praise-worthy news! First, we would like to thank you all for all the prayers and support! We could not continue to get through this without them! It means so much to our family! Next, we would like to tell you that Dad's 1st bone marrow biopsy results have come back to show that his donor's cells are at 100% in his body! This means that currently all new blood cells are from the donor, the chemo regimen killed off all Dad's cancer cells and no signs of cancer are present at this time! Praise the Lord! Dad will have several more biopsies in 2022 to make sure this continues to stay this way, but for now we are thankful for this news!The medical team has reminded us that the donor's cells are still fighting amongst themselves as some feel like they are at home in Dad and other cells do not feel at home, so the battle is still raging to see who will win! Also, GvHD (Graft vs. Host Disease) is still a very real possibility for Dad between now and day 100 (for acute GvHD) and forever after that (for chronic GvHD). The doctor stressed to take each victory "one day at a time" because tomorrow can bring about a sudden change. This is why Dad is monitored 2 times weekly to be sure they are on top of any changes his body may suddenly get and be able to treat it as quickly as possible. So, today, we are thankful for these current results!Dad's blood pressure has been running quite high for weeks, so blood pressure medication has been given to him to help with this. They recently had to up the dose because it is staying high. Please pray for this! The last thing we want is for GvHD to attack his heart! Our medical team is keeping a close eye on all of these things! So for now, we do take things one day at a time! We are thankful for each day that we have with Dad here at the house and not sick at a hospital. Even though we cannot be around any of our children that don't live at home on Thanksgiving or any day, we are thankful for each one of them and for the love and support they show our family each and every day. So, Happy Thanksgiving from the Worthington household! We are thankful for you all and for health !
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 Titans vs. Saints today...fun rivalry at our house while our dad rests!

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 This week was a bit rough with our dad. He got another bad headache, vision issues and upset stomach on Tuesday (and had to travel to an already scheduled checkup feeling so poorly!). Doctor's said the medication he is on may be the culprit, but unfortunately, he needs to stay on those meds...migraine and nausea meds were prescribed to help when the headaches occur...his BP is also on the rise due to medication...

and the benefit of the meds he needs outweigh the risks at this time... Our mom has become an overnight nurse, taking dad's temp, pulse o2, and blood pressure several times daily and also takes care of his 24/7 Penicillin IV. She said she is happy to do this, but it is above her pay grade! HahaDad sleeps and rests most if the time and does his best getting through the day. We make him good meals and pray his appetite improves. He gets labs done 2x weekly at Siteman, and gets any infusions, transfusions, etc. as needed each time. Our parents may be gone a minimum of 4+ hours or up to 8 or even 10 hours depending on what he needs. This recovery is a process...a long process... We are very thankful he is home again with us and not in the hospital and we can see him each day. Thank you all for your prayers, love, help and contributions you have made to help our family. This is a rough time for our family and we truly appreciate it!!!May the Lord bless your day.
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 Update on our Dad...copied from our Mom!

Recently Dale and I were told by the medical staff just how sick Dale was when he arrived to Siteman on Oct. 30. Meaning, in less than 6 hours he went from a 99.3 temp at home to 101.4 in 3 hours...and by the time we arrived at the hospital 2ish hours later, he was 102.9 with his heart rate in the 120s, lethargic and BP not good. We were told later that he had been in mid-level sepsis upon arrival and if he had gotten there even 2 hours later this conversation would have been quite different. So I would like to Praise the Lord for protecting Dale! Praise Jesus for giving the Medical Team the wisdom needed to get him up here immediately for prompt treatment.Praise again for today's medications, knowledge and tests to help fight off this wicked infection!Yes, it was a terrifying roller-coaster ride to get to today. Dale was sicker than I have ever seen anyone. Past posts I made will tell you this. Lab tests discovered this as being a Staph infection called MSSA. Not to be confused with MRSA...both are awful and both are known as a super, sticky-bug. However, MSSA is treatable with Penicillin. (Another shout out of thankfulness to Jesus for this being a treatable infection!!)They took out Dale's central access line earlier in the week due to MSSA contamination. Infectious Disease has been wanting to get out his port as well for the same reasons as the possibility of MSSA contamination is high on the port...however even after 4 units of Platelets in 6 hours yesterday, his counts were not high enough for the port to be taken out; the risk of Dale bleeding was too high. That said, it was then decided the port will remain indefinitely and be the access point for the at-home Penicillin he will receive 24/7 for over 6 weeks.Once he is done with the medication regimen, there is a risk that the Staph will come out of hiding off the port and rear up again. (It will be after antibiotic treatment of this current infection that they will plan to take the port out to help prevent this). At-Home Healthcare will be coming out to show me how to use the pump and care for Dale with the administering of the Penicillin. This is a heavy responsibility for me. I do not want to be the reason he lands back into the hospital in the future. Please pray for wisdom for me to learn how to care for Dale properly where this is concerned. We get to come home today and begin yet another chapter in this long road to BMT recovery. Dale's doctor told us, yet again, that the BMT was only the beginning. It takes 6-12 months of hurdles and hiccups before he feels like he did before the BMT...not before cancer. This is crazy! But we are realizing how true those words are. One day at a time. It's amazing how God designed our bodies to fight infections from little things like dust and bacteria. The immunocompromised person cannot fight off any of that. We want Dale's immunocompromised body to stay as safe as possible.Praise the Lord for his Mercy and Grace and infinite love. (and thank you for reading this post, if you made it this far)




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