The Fibro-Lupus Butterfly

In January 2015 our Mother was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia,

which is a chronic pain condition affecting the central nervous system causing unyielding pain 24/7.

In 2016 blood tests have lead doctors to believe she may have Lupus or another

Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder in conjunction with the Fibro.

She also suffers from a skin condition called Psoriasis which is now causing

Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms in her hands and feet.

 In 2017 she felt the Lord leading her to begin a blog to help other sufferers

know that they are not alone.

This blog will also help people who wish to understand the condition and

pray for those who suffer.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Lupus or suffer from Chronic Pain or another invisible illness yourself, please check out this blog.

If you know someone who suffers from these conditions and would like help in understanding more about what it is like living daily with chronic pain,

 please click on the link below to take you to her blog.

Thank you!

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